Saturday, April 6, 2013

Austrian Gone with the Wind

I just finished a really good book! The Last Waltz was loaned to me from my Mom. She admittedly was so hooked on the story she read it on her Kindle during Sunday School at church last week when she had trouble following the lesson (her hearing aid wasn't working or something. Yeah, right!;))

She gushed over it to me and loaned it to me. I love Kindle books that you can loan! My Mom and I share many books this way. After hearing her rave review, via i-chat, I was able to have it on my kindle in less than a few minutes. But after finishing it and liking it so much I may just have to buy my own copy. It is only $2.99 on Amazon.

The book takes place just before WWI in Austria and then continues through the war and on after that war until the Anschluss. This is history I don't know that well especially from the point of view of an Austrian who was on "the other side". But it paints a vivid image of what life for this woman, her family and Austria was like at that time.

As I quickly read through The Last Waltz, I kept comparing this book in my mind to Gone with the Wind or War and Peace . Like each of these this is a story of war, love, loss, and patriotism. I also couldn't help but  compare the information I learned from this story to that of the memories of Maria Von Trapp. I just finished reading her Autobiography a few weeks ago.  Novels often teaches me more about the events of a time period and the emotions of the people than a non fiction or biography. Both have their place but novels always seem to pull me more into the events and they stay more in my mind and feelings even more than if I only read about the events.  I almost always go from a novel that has sparked my interest in an event or time period and then go and find non-fiction information on that topic. Almost always the novel comes first.

The Last Waltz  is really well worth reading and learning more about this time and place in history. Sadly, as the saying goes, history repeats itself,  I can even see parallells to life today. My mom sent me this article today which illustrates some lessons we can learn from the Anschluss. Very interesting thoughts!

So if you need a good novel to read, and could don't mind getting caught up in a book so much you don't want to put it down then pick up this one. You won't be disappointed!

I received no compensation for this review. My mom bought the book and loaned it to me to read.  I just really liked it!

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Bibliophile said...

It really IS a good book! I hadn't thought to compare it to "Gone with the Wind" or "War and Peace," but they are really close to this novel in atmosphere and in courage during difficult times. I'm glad that you liked it, too.