Saturday, April 20, 2013

A few highlights from our Week

Since I can't seem to pull an actual weekly review post together lately. I thought I would just share a few things from this week

+ Sophie's online Literature class has been reading A Single Shard and she was asked to draw a picture of something from the book. Here is what she came up for her assignment.

+ Ian has put the legos aside for a bit and broke out the Knex and was building some of the simple machines along with a bunch of his own personal creations.
Here is Archimedes' screw.
Henry enjoyed the Knex too. He was busy trying out his fishing rod and elevator that he built.

+ Ian sang a solo with our co op choir. He sang the boy part of Pie Jesu. I wish I could share the video of him singing at the performance but with Molly in my lap and another little girl giggling and laughing with her right next to me the video isn't very good. But I am proud of my shy boy who was willing to get out there and sing a solo in front of a small crowd.

Here is a professional version of the song from youtube.

We have been singing it over and over again with Ian for months so now even Molly knows all the words.

The rest of our week has been more or less the same. We are plugging away at all our school work and still find plenty of time to play and learn all sorts of other things as well.  I am so glad to be home with my kids. I love being able to see and be a part of all the great things they are doing.

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