Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stone Park

Last week the three older kids had to take STAR tests. This was two days where they had to get up early, I packed them a lunch and then dropped them off at the testing site. That left Molly and me with nothing to do. One of those days I took her to a park that was near the place the kids took their tests and we stayed there almost all that day.  Ever since that day she has been talking about "stone park" and how much fun it is. The other kids felt like they needed to go there.

Stone park is actually a park we used to visit quite often when Sophie and Ian were my only babies. Then for some reason we just never went back. 

 So taking my kids to this park felt familiar to me but they seemed to think it was totally new.

 We hiked around the little lake. We saw ducks with their little ducklings, geese, turtles, and coi fish. They liked this little hike but still wanted to see what Molly kept calling "stone park". Molly of course told the other kids that she was the leader and that they should follow her. She is becoming a bit of a prima donna and is so very bossy! But the kids followed her to the park.

They quickly found the old playground and started in on climbing up the tower of logs and all around on those large stone blocks.

I spoil my kids sometimes. I got them ice creams from the ice cream man. I never do this. They usually know not to even ask but since I had a little cash in my bag I surprised them with popsicles.

They played games of tag with some of the other kids there at the park. They climbed, hid in the "caves" and just had a great time running around this playground.

There was nothing plastic on this one. This is one of those old playgrounds where everything is metal, wood, or stone.

They could have stayed all day but after about 2 hours of play I felt ready to head home. I am sure we will be heading back to "Stone park" again sometime.

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Desiree said...

What a neat park! I wish we had something like that here. That looks like a great book too, I might have to read it.