Monday, April 8, 2013

A Great Easter Gift

This year for Easter I decided to give each of my kids a hymn book. They each have their own set of scriptures so now they each have their own hymn book as well. We have had a hymn book at the piano for years and we sing a lot of songs for FHE (Family Home Evening), Family Scripture Study and such. We used to sick mainly to Primary songs but my kids are getting to an age where they want actual hymns as well.

This morning for our before scripture study song Ian picked Battle Hymn of the Republic for us to sing. It was so fun to sing all the verses of the song.

Then tonight for FHE we had a lesson given by Sophie and Ian on Joseph Smith and the first vision.  To go along with this topic we got out our new hymn books and we sang Jospeh Smith's first prayer together and closed with Praise to the Man. It made such a difference to have each person able to see the words to the songs.

I am so glad I thought to get a few more hymn books for our home. Each of the kids wrote their name on the spine and they are even marking some of their favorite hymns in their personal copy. I love that they are making the hymns their own.

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Desiree said...

love this idea. I might have to do this in a few more years when I have more readers.