Monday, April 1, 2013

What our Easter Looked like

The Easter Celebration started Saturday morning with some boiled eggs and some food coloring.

 The kids had a fun time drawing on their eggs and coloring them.

 Molly has crazy morning hair!
 The eggs turned out lovely.

 That afternoon we headed to the park for an egg hunt with some friends. The kids had fun looking for eggs all around the park.

 Henry even climbed a tree to find this golden egg.
Sunday morning the kids 
There some Jelly Bellies and even Chocolate Bunnies for all the kids. My kids had expressed a desire for a chocolate bunny since they haven't ever had one.  So after years of seeing them in the store they each got a cute little gold wrapped chocolate bunny.
 The boys quickly ate the ears off and filled them hollow bunnies with their Jelly Bellies

Here is my beautiful Sophie all ready for Church.
She sings in the ward choir and they sang three songs in the program.
Molly loves this pretty dress. She feels like a princess in it. Don't tell her it was hand-me-down
Henry wouldn't join the other kids for a picture. He was too busy fretting about something he couldn't find

This was the best I could get of him.
It was quiet Easter at home after Church. We are still recovering from sickness here so didn't want to go anywhere or even have anyone here so we rejoiced at home the rest of the day and enjoyed a peaceful Sunday Afternoon.

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