Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week in Review - Starting to get Sick

I have to say this hasn't been a really stellar week for academics.

Monday went alright. We worked on Ian's art assignment. His class is at 11:30 and after scripture and such we tend to do his assignment for the week and turn it in just before class. I really should encourage him to work on his homework before Monday morning but at least he gets them done and turned in. The other kids usually do the assignment too.

After his class we were able to squeeze in the next chapter of Story of the World which was about Richard III and the two princes in the tower. We didn't do much else but listen to it and talk about it. They did their Math and we even read a book about Rocks for Science before they had piano lessons in the late afternoon. While we drove to Piano we started a new audio book, Tuck Everlasting. Which we brought inside when we got home and finished one of the disks before dinner.

Monday was a pretty good day!

Tuesday was more or less normal. Scripture (which is D&C at the moment followed by a video from the Chruch History DVD), Math, and then work on assignments for Wednesday's online classes.  Ian had to write about hiking a mountain for his Geography class. He could choose a mountain from anywhere in the world . He picked Half dome in Yosemite, a little close to home! We haven't ever done this hike but have been to Yosemite. After watching a few videos on the Yosemite park website he was able to write a short report and make his powerpoint slide with pictures to turn in.

We went to the library in the afternoon. The kids always look forward to their hour of computer play at the library.

Then when we came home we finished Tuck Everlasting. It is a short book. Only 3 disks and the kids enjoyed the story. I need to find the movie now so we can compare them.

Wednesday morning Ian woke up sick. He actually was up in the night coughing and needed some cough syrup. When one child is sick it throws everything off. Sophie did do her online classes. And Ian attended his and even read his report. It is nice that he could attend his class even when sick and still didn't spread any germs :)

The check engine light has been on in the van for about 2 months and we finally had to do something about it so the car went in on Wednesday morning and we walked home from dropping it off and then had to walk back when they called to tell us it was ready. I count the 1 mile walk back and forth pretty good P.E. And since we had to walk by a 7 Eleven to get there the kids got to have a slurpee. They never get slurpees so this was a treat!

While having a sick boy and since nobody wanted to do much else I read aloud to them. I made it through the first of the Spiderwick books.
That about sums up what we were able to accomplish on Wednesday. We didn't get to the park for  Park Day because our car was being fixed and because Ian was sick. So the kids got to watch Harry Potter.

Thursday didn't get much better. Ian was still sick and running a fever. He didn't want to do much of anything again. So after our usual morning scripture routine I read book 2 in the Spiderwick series.
Henry and Sophie did their math and then it was time for Gymnastics and choir. Ian stayed home with Harry Potter 2 movie and I dropped the others off at their classes. Stopped at the store for a few items picked the kids back up from from classes and then made it home just at Ian's movie was ending.

Friday is usually co-op but with a still sick Ian and evidently a lot of the other kids in our co-op also sick it wasn't a great turn out. We didn't stay long. We were there for signing and chess but came home before Drama got going. So other than Math and scripture that is all the school work that got done on Friday. The kids played all afternoon and watched a movie.

I cut up another pair of old pants and made a new church bag.

I took the bag ideas from the tutorial I used to make this one but I made the bag bigger and made different straps.  I drew up and cut out a new pattern for this bag.

 It works perfectly for my church bag. I was tired of dumping out the bag so I could use it for band and then for co-op so now this on is designated for church. Maybe I will have to make another just for band.
And while my sewing machine was out I decided to fix the zipper on a Spring dress for Molly. This was a dress Sophie wore when she was little and somehow the zipper broke. I put it away anyway and just kept meaning to fix it. I finally got around to it.

And now Molly has another dress to wear to church and it is even ready before the season is already over.  The only problem is that now Molly is sick. She is a very hot, whiny kid at the moment and if the fever/ cough lasts the three+ days Ian's did I have a feeling we won't make it to church tomorrow.

The saddest thing is that we had a field trip planned for Monday. I sure hope we all are better by Monday.

So not as much academics got done this week as I would have liked but at least we did some and got a lot accomplished.

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