Saturday, March 2, 2013

All the Usual Distractions

I am sure my kids are not the only ones who find any excuse to step away from their school work. It isn't hard to find reasons to get up and leave that workbook sitting on the table. 

On a good day Sophie gets on the computer and does her math or any other assignment she needs to get done.
 Ian is always finding anywhere other than the table to do his Math. He often will sit in on Sophie's Teaching Textbook lessons.

 Henry usually gets out his work but when he sits down to do it something like the following always happens.
 Molly lays out a blanket and gathers some Webkinz friends, her dishes and food.
 She sets up a little tea party. Strawberry tea all around or at least for the lucky four that get cups. 
 Soon the school work is forgotten and Henry joins in on the party.  He can't help but what to help gather up some of the friends she has forgotten to invite.
He even helps with the cooking
And the whole things ends up a big laughing tickle/wrestling mess.

 Then Mom has to be the mean one and send him back to his work and then help Molly clean up the mess.

A book for Molly would be a little less distracting for everyone else.

We are still struggling with finding things for Molly to do while we try to read and do our school work. It is all part of the learning process.

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