Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 Christians Everyone Should Know

I honestly have had this book on my Kindle for months. I agreed to review it after receiving a copy in December. It isn't that the book isn't interesting but I admit I love Fiction and feel like sometimes biographies are a bit dry. So I took my time making it through these ten biographies.

Some of these were people I knew little about so the biography was new and others I had already studied or read about and could have added more information than what was included. Being a homeschooling mom I can't help but learn a lot while I introduce my children to Bach and Galileo. And as an avid Austen reader I already know most of her life story. But I liked learning a little more about Anne Bradstreet and John Bunyan in particular.

These short essays are just introductions to these people and make you want to learn more about the time period in which they lived as well as them as a person.  Being a Christian hasn't been easy in any time period. It was interesting to see how each of these people lived the Christian ideals in a time or situation that made it difficult.

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