Friday, March 22, 2013

Simple Woman's Day book

I haven't actually written one of these memes before but I enjoy reading other people's Day Book posts.

Outside my Window the sun shining on the postage stamp lawn I am trying to save from extinction. The pine tree in the yard is making the ground so acidic so I bought some fertilizer that is supposed to raise the PH. Along with the grass seed we threw out I hope the lawn comes back so our yard isn't just all dirt (which means mud when my kids are out playing there.

I am thinking about science, math, history and language arts for for Fall. Shouldn't I worry more about what we are currently doing? Maybe it is because we keep getting catalogs advertising curriculum.

I am thankful that I haven't gotten sick. My husband is home from work for a bit with a yucky cough and flu. The kids had something less sever a week or so ago. But not me. I just seem to keep on going. Henry even commented that "you never seem to get sick". I hope that remains true!

In the Kitchen I am hoping to use some of the recipes I recently found on The Garden Grazer. She has so many great vegetarian recipes that I am pretty sure my kids will eat.

I am wearing sandals today. I love it when it is warm enough for bare feet or sandals

I am creating a monster! Molly has been very difficult the last few days. She is testing every boundary and drives everyone batty. But she is so cute.

I am wondering if Sophie will be alright attending two LDS girl's Camps this Summer. She really wants to go to camp with her cousins but also wants to go with our Ward/Stake here too. For a girl who hasn't ever really been away from us this could be overwhelming for her especially since they are one right after the other. It will be almost two weeks straight away from home. I have a feeling it will be harder on us than her. She is going to be too busy having a great experience.

I am reading a number of good things. I started rereading Pilgrim's Progress after reading The Preacher's Bride (which was very good!). I also have the autobiography of Maria Von Trapp that I am about 3/4 of the way through. I also just picked up a few new books for my kindle. Perhaps I need to not look at the eReaderGirl blog for awhile so I catch up on all the books I already have on there.

I am hoping for some will power. I want to continue to fit in my clothes but cookies and treats always seem to be around. I guess I just need to exercise more!

I am looking forward to Sunday. Not that the Sabbath is an especially restful day but it is a day I don't feel like I have to crack the whip to get my kids to do their chores, piano practice or school work.

I am learning the joys of Pinterest. I just started pinning and still haven't done a whole lot with it but I can see how time can certainly we wasted wandering from board to board looking at what others have pinned.

Around the house are Legos, Legos and More Legos. It would be so nice to not have to tiptoe through the front room every time I want to go across the room.
This is Ian's own creation. He had no directions that he was following. There is even hatch doors with hinges that open so a mini figure and get inside. This boy is really going to be an engineer!
I am pondering what to do about Easter. We will have an easter egg hunt on Saturday with friends but my kids are already talking about the scavenger hunt on Easter Morning. Last year rather than an egg hunt I had clues lead them from egg to egg to a prize at the end. I guess my boys got some Nerf guns last year. I can't remember what Sophie and Molly were given. Now they are expecting something similar this year. I hate to disappoint but I am not living my life trying to top or even meet what I do for each holiday from year to year. We are enjoying reading through the Gospels at the moment and reading the life and teachings of the Savior. That really should be the focus of our celebration and not Nerf guns or gifts of any kind.

A few plans for the Weekend include a trip to the farmer's market since my husband is sick. He usually gets my eggs and greens there for me. I also really need to scrub our showers so I guess a good bathroom cleaning is scheduled for Saturday morning.

I am not going to include a picture here for "A peek into my day" since I have already included a few pictures. But my real trouble is that I haven't taken any pictures except that one of Ian for about a week. I guess I need to make sure to document a bit more with photos.

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