Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A quiet Wednesday Morning

Molly is still fighting the sickness that plagued us over the weekend. She was rather cranky all morning until I finally laid her down on the couch with her pink blanket. While I was busy with doing Math with boys she fell right to sleep.
 Once Henry is finished with Math he needs to do something active so he decides to practice his handstands.
 Sophie's online class is over so she sits and reads a book during her break from online classes. She has three classes on Wednesday.
 At the moment Ian has an online class.
Just a somewhat typical Wednesday morning around here.

Molly being asleep is the only out of the ordinary part. She is usually making messes or demanding attention in some way so having her asleep on the couch makes the day run a bit more smoothly. But such is life with a busy three year old.

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