Saturday, March 30, 2013

Growing Tomatoes

The last few weeks I have been watering and tending our little postage stamp lawn. It sits right under/beside a pine tree so I bought some ph balancing fertilizer and some grass seed.  My kids kept telling me they wanted to grow something else too. So we bought some containers and some tomato plants. We are going to give tomatoes a try again this year. 

They each got to repot a tomato plant. 
 We can't actually plant our tomatoes in the ground so we have to settle for large pots. We will see how well they do.

 Henry is always my most eager waterer. He actually cried and sulked the other day when he found out I had already gone out and done the watering. He really likes this job!
 A few days after we repotted, the tomatoes already started to flower. My kids are really looking forward to a large crop of yellow, green and red cherry tomatoes.
It is good for everyone to get to work on something and then get to eat the fruits of all that labor.

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Bibliophile said...

You will LOVE those tomatoes when they bright red and so delicious. The work is worth it.