Thursday, August 30, 2012

It pays to go to Cub Summer Camp

We had the first pack meeting of the new school year. Ian has really missed cub scouts each week and is very glad it is back in session. Tonight was the kick off BBQ and awards ceremony. My goodness were there A LOT of awards. So many of the boys in our pack went to cub camp and each boy earned all sorts of belt loops and pins and some earned patches. 
This was Ian's haul for Summer. 

He went home tonight with 10 new belt loops and 6 of them with their pins. I don't know exactly what to do with the pins. I am going to have to see where they go on the uniform (if they even do?!?). They are really cute! I guess I shouldn't say that about cub scout things but they are tiny and they have the cute little picture of the award on it. Sophie really likes the Wildlife Conservation one because it has an owl on it.   She feels deprived because she doesn't get to earn little awards and pins.  

Henry enjoyed the food at the BBQ. He told me as we were walking back to the car that he ate 4 hot dogs and 3 s'mores. I know Ian ate at least that many s'mores but was too busy with meeting to down that many hot dogs. I hope Henry sleeps well tonight and doesn't end up with a bellyache.

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Bibliophile said...

I haven't seen a Cub Scout uniform for a while, but I think they put the little pins on a red? woven ribbon that hangs from the pocket in the shirt. I may be way off on this.......