Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mindstorms all the time!

This is officially our first week of school. I am just having a hard time competing with the Mindstorms.

 We did start Monday off with scripture, math, writing, and piano practice. And today we did those as well as the first bit of our Science program. We read about the universe and galaxies.
But Ian rushed through everything so he could get back to working with his robot.
 The Alpha Rex quickly was taken apart and this jeep materialized. It is amazing how quickly Ian can deconstruct and then rebuild this robot into something new. He is following directions at the moment. He hasn't progressed to making up his own designs yet.

 I did get a manuel for the kids to help them with the programing part.  So far they (especially Ian) is really enjoying working with Mindstorms.

I just hope we can get to all our other school work too. 

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