Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Week of School

We officially started school this week and honestly we did pretty well. We were able to get just about everything in that I had planned for the week.

We listened to the first two chapters of Story of the World. And read a few different versions of Beowulf. But the book the boys liked the best was Barbarians by Steven Kroll.  We only read through the Goths and the Huns. We are going to revisit this book we get to Vikings.

We did the first two weeks of reading and workbook pages for Elemental Science. My kids are really enjoying learning about the Universe and Galaxies.  We read through the pages assigned in the Science Encyclopedia that was listed for these two topics and also added in a few more library books that I found that reviewed these again.

They all enjoyed actually drawing the different shapes of the Galaxies rather than just labeling them on the workbook sheet.

Sophie and Ian did IEW Fix it each day this week. Ian is doing the Tom Sawyer book and Sophie is doing The Frog Prince. Eventually we will add in some actual writing practice but for now this will do.  Henry did his PAL assignments each day which consist of writing two sentences in a journal and doing a bit of copywork along with reading a book and explaining to me the plot and such. He is still very reluctant to read and write.

Scripture, Math and piano practice even happened everyday.

We listened to the story of Vivaldi

And we read a biography of Gioto.

And then looked through the book The Glorious Impossible which was filled with Giotto's frescos used to illustrate this story.

We didn't actually do a lesson in Latin but we did read the first few sections of Cornelia a free Latin Reader that I got online. The first two or three sections were pretty easy to understand but it certainly got harder as we went along. We will be revisiting this Latin Reader again and again I am sure.

Ian built a few more Robots with his mindstorms and continues to work on learning to program it. I consider this school work but he just considers it fun. It is just school work I have to ask him to put off until everything else is done.

So for a first week of school that went pretty well. We will see how it all works out when classes and activities start in September.

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