Saturday, August 18, 2012

Star Test Results

Today we received the results for Sophie and Ian's STAR tests that they took last spring.

I am happy to say Ian did well in both his Language Arts and Math sections of his test scoring well in to the target range in each. He was proficient in his LA and Advanced in his Math. This didn't totally surprise me but was validating.

Sophie scored really high in her Language Arts and Science sections but somehow really botched the Math. But I think this result has more to do with her test taking skills than her actual Math skills. She does just fine in her math at home so I think she just choked when taking the test. If I remember right she didn't know she could use scratch paper and thought she had to do all the math in her head.  I am sure she will do better the next time we take these tests once we have addressed some of the issues of taking these types of tests.

For our first try at these STAR tests and since we have never taken tests like these ever, I figure we did pretty well.  Without any experience or preparation for such tests I think Ian and Sophie are doing just fine. Not that I needed tests scores to tell me this!

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