Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Celebration of Henry

I always tell Henry that I truly labored on Labor Day, the year he was born. This is the weekend we get to celebrate Henry coming into our family. He got the usual red plate for dinner and of course cousins make the whole event feel like a party. 

 Molly certainly enjoyed the spaghetti dinner!
 Henry requested a cake with Grifindor colors. So he wanted Red and gold cake and frosting. It is really hard to make red icing. It sort of ended up pink but he didn't seem to care.

 He was thrilled with his new skates along with the protective gear we thought he should have to go along with them.
 He got right to work putting together his pirate legos. This was the perfect Lego set for Henry, Grandma, Thanks!

Henry has said over and over again that it was the best birthday ever. He says that every year.
I guess that means each year they get better and better.

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