Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What we do while Ian is at Camp

Ian is having a grand time at Cub Camp this week. He comes home so excited about everything he is able to do and can't wait to go back the next day.

The moment Ian leaves for camp Henry and Sophie decide they get to play Wii or the computer. So Henry spent the morning playing the TinTin Wii game.
Sophie played Webkinz or Mooshi Monsters on the computer. Molly bounced around from things to thing just like normal.  And while they played games. I put together another bag. I had all the fabric and such cut out already it just needed to be stitched up.  It went together pretty easily and turned out very cute. 

I don't have a home for this one yet. I have usually made these to give as gifts.  At the moment I don't have anyone in mind for this one so it is going to hang out in my closet ready for the next birthday. 

When I finally got the bag finished and the kids off their screens they had to find other things to do. 
Henry has been reading Stuart Little. He loves to tell me how different the book is from the movie.
Sophie almost always gravitates toward drawing or painting. This week we have had the paints out every day. 

Molly asked for some music so she could dance.
She loves to twirl!
We did head to the park in the afternoon since this is our usual park day. We were the only ones there. We knew it would be rather sparse since many of our friends that go to park day are either at cub camp this week or doing some other camp. It was also pretty hot so perhaps that turned away a few people too.

We stayed at the park for about an hour. It was too hot to play on the playground so we found a shady spot and gathered twigs, leaves and bark and built fairy houses.  I of course didn't bring my camera to take pictures of them. I really should bring my camera everywhere. Or else I should get a smart phone with a camera.  I have an old school phone that pretty much only makes calls.

After getting hot at the park Henry and Molly decided to play in the blow up pool in our yard.

And when Ian got home from camp we jumped into the car and headed to 7/11 for free slurpees.
My kids were very excited since this isn't something we ever do. I figured if we do this once a year it will be alright.

So that was our day at home. These kids have such a hard life!

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Bibliophile said...

Your new bag is terrific. I really like that green shade. One question: How do you get FREE slurpees?