Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Molly's Pinkalicious Day

Molly started her "day of all days" at Grandma's house.  And following tradition, she got to open one of her birthday gifts at breakfast.  She couldn't have been happier with what she saw in the package.
Grandma made Molly a beautiful pink princess dress. And in the box she found some pink princess shoes and a pink tiara to go with it. She glowed when she tried them all on.

The day continued like most days spent at Grandma's house. There was the walk up the street, even in the heat.
Followed by a  dip in the pool.
There were lots of good things to eat!
But most of all there were lots of cousins!

When I asked Molly what kind of cake she wanted she just said "pink". She answered the same when I asked her about the ice cream flavor as well. So she had a pink cake, inside and out. And Grandma whipped up some homemade strawberry ice cream to go with it.

I think Molly was happy with the results.

The pink dress was worn almost constantly through the entire day and through all kinds of play.
It didn't even come off when the sun went down.
By the end of the day she just couldn't keep her eyes open and fell asleep while reading one of her new books.

But even while the tired birthday girl slept the fun continued around her.  Monopoly was a the game of the evening for some of the older cousins.

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Pinkalicious Molly!

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