Monday, July 30, 2012

Sun Kissed

This morning a friend of our called and asked if we would like to head down to the beach with them.  We didn't have anything really pressing to do at home so we packed a lunch and our towels and put on our swim suits for another day at the beach.

This time we headed to a beach right near the boardwalk. Not one of our usual beaches but a very fun one!
 There was LOTS of digging in the sand. The kids found a big hole that someone had left and then expanded it.
 They found some caution tape on the beach and used it to divide up the hole so each of the kids had a bit they were working in. Molly just visited each quadrant at will. It is hard to stop a 3 year old from doing what ever they want.

Molly rolled and rolled around in the sand. She even found a few sand crabs.

 Once the wind died down the kids headed in to the waves.
 Our friends brought some boogie boards. We really should get some of our own because we had to take turns using theirs and Wow were they fun. Even the Moms got out there and rode a few waves.
 But even without a board the waves are fun!

 After putting the finishing touches on their hole they were sad to leave it for someone else to discover and use.
 But a trip to the Ice Cream parlor on the way home was certainly welcomed by these sun kissed kids.

A lovely day in the sun and waves. I have already told the kids that tomorrow we are sitting around at home and doing nothing. We will break out some board games and watch a movie or something. We have had a lot of sun the last few days and need to have a break. 

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