Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Frolicking in the Surf

My niece is visiting us for a week. My kids are thrilled to have her here.  They enjoy having her at our house but I think partly that has to do with the fun outings we then go on. Since we have a guest we have to entertain right?!

So we took her to the beach. She lives in Southern California so isn't far from the beach there but she did say the beach we went to was prettier than the ones she has near her. I guess that is quite a compliment to Santa Cruz!

 It was a little overcast and cold when we first got there. I was even wearing a sweat shirt. The chill didn't stop the kids from going into the water or digging in the sand.

 This particular beach seems to get a lot of seaweed wash up. The kids thought it was so fun to drag it into huge piles.
 Molly just had a great time climbing the rocks and playing in the sand.

 Here is the one picture to prove I was there too. That is my hand and sweatshirt covered arm taking Molly into the cold waves as they washed up onto the beach.
 So we are so glad to have a visitor. It gives us an excuse to go on excursions we always say we are going to do but never get around to actually doing.

You wouldn't think a trip to the beach was that big a deal but it isn't something we do everyday so my kids were very excited to go. 

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Kodelle said...

Thank you for your pictures of the beach and the ocean. They always make me a bit homesick in a good way.