Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weeping, Wailing, and Nashing of Teeth

Ian is at cub scout camp this week.  This means he leaves early in the morning and spends all day at a somewhat nearby park doing things 8-9 year old boys love.
 A little Archery

 Some fishing. Evidently the boys were learning how to cast and since they weren't actually near the lake they were fishing for geese.  They go to the lake later in the week.
 BB guns!

 Hanging out with a bunch of his good friends.
 Learning how to fold a flag.
The boys even made these little camp stools.

Ian was so excited to come home and tell us all about his day at camp. My husband spent the day there as one of the camp leaders and took lots of pictures.

I spent the day listening to how unfair it is that Ian gets to go and have lots of fun while Henry has to stay home and work and be bored.  It was relentless. The entire day was one big whine session. He especially complained about not getting to go to the water slides. On Friday the boys get to go to a water park and Henry is beyond jealous.  I know other moms signed their other kids up for camps this week so that their other children had their own camp to go to. I didn't think ahead and day camps are so expensive. So I guess I am paying for it with my peace of mind. Only four more days of whining to go.


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Bibliophile said...

Oh! I feel sorry for you with Henry being such a whiner! I don't think the other kids cared very much. It's good to see Ian having a good time at day camp. They have some excellent activities for the boys to do.