Monday, July 9, 2012

A few Good Movies.

We may be the last to see this film but we finally watched The Artist. We always wait until things are out on DVD and even then forget to put them on our Netflix queue.  So we finally remembered to put to the top of our list and it arrived the other day.

I know it won the Oscar for best picture so it should be good but it isn't very often the movie that wins at the Academy awards is one we actually want to see.  Having seen so many old movies from the silent era and also countless talkies from the early years of film it was very fun to see this film keep that same feel and tone while still being very modern.

The other film that we watched recently and really enjoyed was The Decoy Bride. It is a Scottish film and has a rather predictable but fun story line.  Give it a try if you need something fun and mindless to entertain.  Plus you get to listen to that great Scottish accent throughout.

Oh and Kelly Macdonald who plays the romantic lead in the film is the voice of Merida in Brave. Which was also a fun movie.

We took all the kids to see that one while we were out in Utah a few  weeks back.  This was Molly's first theatre experience and she was fascinated by it the entire time.


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Desiree said...

I love your movie recommendations. It always gives me something to add to our Netflix queue. Oh, and I'm hoping to take the kids to see brave soon too.