Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Party at last!

Last night my kids couldn't get to sleep. You would have thought it was Christmas Eve. They were all so excited about Henry's Birthday party. We have spent weeks thinking about and preparing for this party. I am happy to say they helped with much of it and I think they really felt like they were involved in the whole process. O.K.... at least some of the process.  I did a lot of the planning and they did a lot of the excited giggles as I told them what was planned.

I can't say we decorated a whole lot. We hung up some streamers which we do for all birthdays. And I printed out some Hogwarts house banners that I found online with the sorting hat song for each of the houses that was sung in book one.  My husband took care of the cauldron full of rootbeer bubbling away with dry ice.  That was about it for festive decor.

We did a charms class first where the kids were given their wands. I ended up making 21 of them which ended up being great because then the kids were able to switch for ones that felt better for them and some were even able to take them home to siblings that would appreciate them.

Sophie took over this class and taught the kids all sorts of charms and the boys all thought it was fun to wave their wand around and yell funny words. Funny how "Expeliarmus" is always their favorite and of course the one who received the spell had to throw their wand in the air and fall over.

We went outside and played a version of Red Light, Green Light except using spells instead.

A little food, a snitch pinata, oh.... and there was a Care of Magical Creatures Class as well.
I think my favorite was the Potions class.

We mixed up two different potions. One that changed colors as we added different ingredients and then made popping noises. I called this one the Whisper Potion because it talked to you. The other potion just bubbled and changed colors. I didn't give it a name. The boys then got to make a potion to take home. It was water and oil with a bit of glitter and their choice of colors in a spice jar. We superglued the lid on and the boys could shake and watch to their hearts contents. 
Henry decided that cake pops sounded fun. I mentioned them as something I had seen online but had never tried. So of course he wanted them. Wow are they a potent dose of chocolate.

We sent the kids home with the t-shirt wizard robe, their wand, the potion that they made, the candy from the pinata and a few chocolate frogs. My kids have spent the rest of the day playing with all the new legos, a remote control car and other great toys that Henry's friends brought him. I keep hearing them tell each other who brought which gift and Henry said "I have great friends!".

I think the party was a success. I am glad I don't do big parties like this every year. But I am happy to have helped create these memories for my kids.


Jason, Ginny and Oliver said...

You are the best mom ever! What a fun and memorable party. Good work!

Bibliophile said...

I was going to call you to talk about Henry's Harry Potter birthday party, but I looked on your blog first and there were all the photos and the story about the party. I am simply amazed at the terrific wands you made and the games you planned. You are a good party planner! Henry will be talking about this party for a long time. What a great day for him!

Alison said...

Jack wore his wizard cloak all day and there were a lot of Expeliarmus spells being cast. Those wands are terrific. He had a fantastic time. Thanks for the great party.