Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Schedule is Full

I feel like we have over loaded our schedule. We have stuff planned for every day of the week. When I say stuff it is classes, activities or events on every single day. There isn't even one day where don't have something we are committed to doing or being at.

After a full day of school work my kids have music lessons on Monday. These are going very well by the way. My kids are playing songs and the method seems to be working well especially for Henry. Sophie catches onto songs rather quickly and Ian, when he is able to get practice in, works hard to master the songs. But Henry doesn't like my help and seems to squirm through the lessons but ends up playing the songs just fine when asked to play. It is sort of strange?!

On Tuesday Sophie has choir in the afternoon. She loves to sing and this choir gives her a chance to be with older kids who sing and play music. I consider this good exposure to kids that I wouldn't mind my kids emulating.  While Sophie is singing I take the boys and Molly shopping nearby. Thank goodness for a Target just down the street where we can waste an hour. Then we rush home so I can change and get to my Cycling class at the YMCA. I love this class and the kids play at the Kids Corner.

Science Class started this week on Wednesday. Ian and Henry are doing some hands on Anatomy and Physiology while Sophie gets to study Genetics and raise fruit flies. This of course means I have two hours, one with Sophie and Molly while the boys have their class and then another hour with Molly and the boys while Sophie has hers. I need to bring some work for the kids to do on their hour out of class to help the time pass more quickly. I am going to have to work on this.
Wednesday is also park day, so we have to rush home after science classes and squeeze in a few hours of work before heading to the park to play with friends.

Thursday has been our Library day for years.  The kids get to spend their hour on the computer playing Mooshie Monsters, Webkins, or Lego games while I play Reader Rabbit on the computer, legos (the library just got rid of the puzzles and put in a duplo lego table) or read books with Molly.
Sophie also has Activity girls Thursday night to which all the kids go. (My husband goes to the gym while we are out) There are usually a bunch of other siblings also at the church and my boys feel deprived if they don't get to go and play with their friends at the church.

Friday is Co-op. My kids LOVE Co-op. I get to teach classes for the littlest kids once or twice a month and lead the book club once a month. The kids get to run, play and sing with a bunch of other homeschooled kids.  I can't say much of Co-op is academic. It is mostly a chance for these kids to do things together in a group. They sing once a month at a nursing home too so there is a little service done as well.

So that is all the extras we have put into our schedules. I don't know how we have time to put everything else in. But somehow we get a lot of school work and life work done along with these things.

In History we finished up our chapter on Mummies and Pyramids.

In Science we are working on the Muscular System.

In Math Sophie is doing Fractions, Ian is working on Money and Henry is still working on Place Value.

Henry is working through Explode the code and beyond the code.

Sophie and Ian do Writing with ease one week at a time.

We are listening to a an audio book about Cleopatra and I am reading aloud Theodosia and the serpent of Chaos.

And we are plugging away the the Book of Mormon each day and are almost through 3 Nephi.

We even added in the Family Proclamation into our devotional time and focused mainly on the plan of Salvation.
Oh yeah.. I can claim some P.E. as well. My kids have been outside jumping rope and shooting hoops quite often now that the weather seems to be a bit cooler.


Jason, Ginny and Oliver said...

You amaze me! Your kids have such well rounded lives. Good work.

Bibliophile said...

Phew! You are certainly busy! It's good for the children to be involved in all those activities.