Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Cleo

 Meet Cleo, short for Cleopatra. That is the name my kids decided to give the game hen we have decided to mummify. Sophie said he was a girl because it was a "hen".

So after giving this little lady a good wash down in water and then again with alcohol we stuffed her with Salts and are hoping for the best.

 This is a project listed in our Story of the World History book. I avoided it the last time we went through this book but Sophie wouldn't hear of us skipping it this time.  So I found the smallest chicken I could find and stocked up on Salt and baking power and soda. I really hope this works and I don't end up with a very stinky bird in my laundry room. That is where she stays when not being poked and prodded when checked.
 The boys were sad there wasn't more to do in order to do the mummification. I tried to explain it isn't even close to being done yet. We will be checking on Cleo's progress throughout the next month and some to see that she is turning nice and leathery and change her salts as needed. I am sure the boys will enjoy the wrapping stage of this activity.
For now they are a little unimpressed by this project. It is just a lot of dumping, shaking and smushing.  Perhaps it will become cooler when she actually starts to look like a mummy.

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Malissa said...

Looks like fun! It will be nice to meet Cleo when she's all done.