Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daring and Dangerous

Sophie had a birthday last week. It was a nice quiet birthday with family. No big party with friend just a nice dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, aunts, uncles, brothers, parents, a sister and cousins.  Sophie got just about everything on her wish list.  She got Hermione's illuminating wand (I really hope Grandma didn't pay that much for it!). She finally had enough money saved up to buy Kanani, the american girl doll of the year. And she got a lovely jewelry box that is now storing all the little hair accessories she has collected for her American girl dolls. She also got a few books and other small things.

In an effort to find a game the Sophie enjoys playing on the Wii (Her brothers tend to monopolize the Wii with Lego Harry Potter or Indiana Jones or Super Mario Brothers) I bought a game called The Daring Game for Girls just for her.

I am glad to report that she loves it. It is the perfect game for this girl who usually would rather play Civilization with her Dad than play Wii which is always says she just isn't good at. There are trivia questions to answer as well as things to gather to make things and secret gardens to tend. She thinks it is great! I am happy she finally has a game she enjoys playing. The boys tend to think the Wii is just for them.

One nice aspect of this game is that it has sparked interest in the book. This week Sophie has been taking the Daring book for Girls around with her and reading bits of it as we drive around to our different activities.
Ian too has been carrying around the Dangerous book for boys as well. They both are constantly telling about the great new things they are learning. Ian has been folding lots of paper Airplanes and making paper boats after reading sections on folding paper. Sophie has been telling me about the lists of good books for girls that she found in her book and is surprised by how many she has already read.

I am glad to see my kids so thrilled and excited about life.

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Bibliophile said...

It looks like Sophie had a good birthday. Thank goodness the Wii game is one that she enjoys, along with Kanani, the American Girl doll.