Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Vermeer

When I pulled this Venezia biography off the shelf my kids got very excited. They piled in close to me on the couch while I read aloud. They love all the biographies in this series but since they are so entranced by Vermeer at the moment they really got involved with subject.  I don't think this book filled in much that we didn't already know about Vermeer. The Chasing Vermeer book gives background on the artist, at least as much as is known about him. The two books did differ in the amount of children each claimed Vermeer had. One said 11 the other 15. I think I have read 15 from another source so I am going with that number. Other than this the essentials have all been the same. Mostly the kids just like to look at the paintings. So of course they had to break out the big book of Vermeer paintings again to look at their favorites.
They started to compare all the different paintings to find the repeating clothing and props in them.  I was going to do this for an assignment but I was happy they just did it on their own. I may still have them do some sort of writing assignment about his use of objects over and over again in his paintings.

While they were still engrossed in all things Vermeer I brought out some sketch paper and asked the kids to pick a painting to try to sketch. They thought Young Woman with a Water Pitcher looked easy enough. That is until they started to draw it.
Sophie's drawing of Young Woman with a Water Pitcher
All of a sudden they saw all the details. There were pains of glass in the window and the rug draped over the table and the map on the wall. I sat down and sketched with them for awhile and each tried their best to sketch this painting.

Henry's sketch

Ian's sketch

My sketch.

Sophie decided she wasn't done yet and wanted to do another drawing. She picked Girl with a Pearl Earring to attempt next. I encouraged her to add some color this time. We really need a decent set of colored pencils. I think I will have to ask Santa to bring us a few new sets of good colored pencils.
She loved how it turned out.  While she drew and colored, I added a little color to my sketch. The boys sat fascinated by my picture. They couldn't believe how "good" it looked.

I think the window turned out really nice but the rest is a little off. But then, I am my hardest critic. 
I am just happy my kids are enjoying some Art studies and especially glad they have kindled a love of Vermeer. He has always been one of my favorites.

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