Monday, August 29, 2011

Last weeks report

I can't believe how quickly time passes. Our days are so full and I have a lot of projects going so have little time to sit and post but I really want to keep a record of what we have been accomplishing so I am going to quickly do my weekly report for last week.

History - Story of the World chapter 2. We learned about the Nile and also about the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. The kids did a few Notebooking pages. These are working very well to give Sophie a little more work to do this year. She has been reading every book I bring home from the library so was able to fill in all sorts of interesting facts beyond just what SoTW had in the chapter.  I haven't taken a picture of all the books we read to go along with history but I am very sure my kids understand  why the Nile River was so important and many of the Gods and goddesses of Egypt by their pictures and could tell you a bit of their story.
We also did the Nile project again. So we filled a pan with dirt and built the Nile river. complete with pyramids and a bunch of Sphinx. We didn't plant grass we planted some sort of white ground cover flower. The seed packets were only 25 cents and that seems so much better than grass seed which came in big bags and cost a bunch more. So we will see what turns up once they get big enough. But we are already seeing sprouts and the kids are amazed.

Science - I am really enjoying Apologia's Anatomy and Physiology book. I bought workbooks for Ian and Sophie. Ian has the Jr. version and Sophie has the regular version.  It is sort of like a lapbook/notebook in one. It is making things a lot easier as far as doing writing to go along with our science lessons. Ian's has more coloring pages which he isn't really interested in doing but he enjoys the workbook pages.

Henry has been doing some coloring in his Anatomy coloring book. As well as the projects in this activity book. Sophie remembers doing those projects when we did the Human body four years ago. He doesn't do a lot of writing but he is having a good time reading the books and doing the projects.

Language Arts - We did Writing with Ease with Ian and Sophie. They both do very well at these but both hate the dictation. I wonder how long it will take before the complaining stops. Henry is plugging away at Explode the code 3 1/2. He usually can finish 2 lessons a week.

We also did a few "lessons" of Story Quest. We are actually still in Lesson 1 but we are breaking it into many small mini lessons. So we had a lesson on Protagonists and Antagonists one day and then the next we learned about how to make stories or sentences interesting by adding in great verbs, adjectives and adverbs. They LOVE these lessons. We had a great time with the two days we did this and they asked to do it on other days during the week but I wasn't prepared to move on so we kept to our twice a week schedule.

Math - Singapore Math is still going well. Ian finished 2B and Henry finished 1A. Before Ian moves onto 3A I have decided to have him do a Math Mammoth unit on Money. He couldn't remember how much each of the coins were worth so I figured he could use some practice. Sophie is doing really well at 5A. She is adding and subtracting fractions and it is really easy for her since we did Life of Fred Fractions as well as a Math Mammoth unit on Fractions. It is more of a review for her. But it is always good to review!

Music/ Art - didn't really happen this week. Back to our usual in this subject. I really need to stick to the schedule I printed up but something had to give this week and it was Music and art.

I am sure there was other things we accomplished. I know we listened to Jim Wiese tell us Egypt stories and we are almost done with Wind in the Door. And I am reading aloud The Lemonade War. I also picked up a bunch of Dick King-Smith books from the library so my kids have been reading about Babe the Gallant Pig and other animals on the Hoggert farm.  So there is all sorts of extra reading going on that isn't actually school related but is certainly good reading.

We also go outside a bit for outside play. We even visited a farm and picked blackberries, chased turkeys and fed some chickens. Molly loved saying hello to all the "baas" and "Maas", sheep and goats.

It was a busy week and it doesn't seem to be letting up this week. I have a party to finish preparing for which is keeping me a bit stressed and busy. Hopefully things will settle down after this week.  It most likely wont since that is just when our classes and lessons will start and we will be taxiing kids from one place to the other. Poor Molly is just going to get dragged around. We will see how well this works.

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