Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Best Birthday Ever!

Even after Henry's big Party the Birthday celebration didn't stop there.

We served breakfast on the Red Plate. (I totally forgot the fact that it was Fast Sunday.  All this birthday excitement totally erased anything else from my head!)

We have a tradition, started many years ago. I don't know exactly when it started but my kids each get one of their presents at breakfast. Maybe it was started one of those years I just couldn't wait for them to open a gift or we needed to use it that day or something but my kids insist it is a tradition and I don't mind. It gives them something to play with while they wait for the cake and Ice Cream and the rest of the presents.

 I gave Henry the 5 lb box of Lego bricks that I picked up on Ebay a few weeks ago. My little guys have all sorts of legos already but they seemed to be a bunch of specialty pieces to build space ships and such but not many plane old bricks. So I bought some legos by the lb off of Ebay. They ended up being only Red and Green but my kids didn't seem to mind.
 They got right down onto the floor and dumped out the box and started building.  It was fun to discover all the great pieces we have added to our huge stash of legos.

Henry got sung to at church. He made sure I had his birthday card ready for him. I am the one who is responsible to have birthday cards for the primary kids so he wanted to make sure I got it done and didn't forget him.

Shortly after dinner tonight Henry came running out of the bathroom and said "It happened when I came out of the bathroom. It just came out!" I was bewildered at first but quickly figured out that it was a tooth he held in his hand.
 This is Henry's first lost tooth. If you can't tell from the picture. The two adult teeth have already grown in behind the baby teeth so we knew it was only a matter of time before they came out but it certainly was long overdue. I hope the adult ones move into their proper places because right now they are pushed back. We have been calling Henry a shark the last few days because he had rows of teeth. He said we couldn't call him that anymore. He has another tooth to loose before that!:)

Presents came next and Henry quickly got to work opening the few gifts he had left. His party and the box of legos was his gift from us. But both Grandma's came through with spectacular gifts. 
 Henry LOVED the Super Mario Wii game. Can you tell from the look on his face?!
Ian got Harry Potter's wand for his birthday so Henry wanted Ron's wand. Evidently Grandma had to really shop around to find this one. It is somewhat hard to find. But it was exactly what this Harry Potter fan needed to finish off his Super Fantastic Harry Potter Birthday. 

I don't know how other birthdays are going to be able to compare to this one. This is one happy little guy!

I sure hope the Tooth Fairy remembers to make a visit. She may be pretty worn out and fall asleep before getting her job done!

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