Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chasing Vermeer

We started a new audio book in the car a few days ago. I choose Chasing Vermeer to get us started on our study of Johannes Vermeer.  I didn't specifically tell the kids we were going to study Vermeer as our next artist I just put the audio book on and also picked up a large Vermeer book with all his paintings inside and had it sitting on the shelf waiting for them to discover it.
We have had a bit of driving around the last few days so we have gotten further into the book. As we were getting out of the car yesterday Henry asked me if Vermeer was real and if there really was a painting called Lady writing a letter.

We went inside and I showed him the big Vermeer book and we looked through the pictures to find the ones that the audio book mentioned. We found the Lady writing a letter and the Geographer which also was referred to in the book.

This is Ian's favorite one. He really wanted to find it in the book of paintings.

We aren't even close to finishing the audio book yet but we are already learning a lot about Vermeer. Hopefully I can squeeze in a little more art study into our day so we can do some fun projects like the ones on this Squido lens. I am happy with our start so far. I love it when a book introduces a topic for me. It draws my kids in so much better than if I just jump into something new and try to drag them with me.  So hopefully I will be able to share some fun things we do to learn more about Vermeer and his artwork.

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