Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Camera

I have had a number of comments about my photos over the last few months. I appreciate all the kind comments. I am not a photographer and don't have a fancy camera. I just tend to be taking pictures of my cute kids or the beautiful flowers and trees around me. So they are what really make the photos turn out well!

I do have photoshop and do know how to use it a bit but just don't have time to touch up each one picture. I have been known to play around with photos if I know I am going to print them. But usually they are ones that I like the layout of but the color is off a little. It is hard to fix a bad photograph, it is better to just take it well in the first place.

About 2 years ago I was given this camera for my birthday.This was a big jump from our little 2 mega pixel digital camera I had been using for a number of years. I do love this camera. I do generally just use it on auto and point and shoot. But when I can't seem to get it to look good I do try other settings. I do take a little thought into the layout of each shot. I also take a lot of pictures of the same thing and use the best ones. This is one of the things I love about digital cameras. I can check to see if the shot is good but also I can take them from a number of angles and try different things and just delete or not use the ones that aren't good.

Recently I have been figuring out some of the settings on my camera. I actually figured out that inside shots turn out much better if I change my ISO setting to Hi rather than auto. So my inside shots are getting better. Outside pictures have always turned out nice with this camera. There is still so much to learn about what my camera is capable of.

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Michal said...

i have almost the exact same camera, only mine is 8 mega pixels (the power shot a630). i almost always use the auto feature, but i really want to learn how to use some of the other settings because i know i could improve my photos.
i love that with a digital camera i can take a million pictures and delete the awful ones.