Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hike to Castle Rock

We went today on a hike with a few friends. I haven't taken the kids on a hike (other than around the block or to a nearby park) in awhile. So today we headed out early before it started to heat up again.
We drove up into the mountains about 20 minutes away from home and hiked to a waterfall first. Then we decided to head to a place called Castle Rock.
The kids loved castle rock. It was a large rock with lots of little caves and holes in it.
The kids had a great time climbing under, over, around and through the rocks.

It was the greatest place for kids to play. They could have stayed all day and explored.

They did make me promise to bring them back there again sometime soon. They want to make sure their Dad comes next time too.

Castle Rock was a hit!


Cocoa said...

Wow, those rocks look so neat! No wonder they had a great time.

Julie Q. said...

I love hiking with kids. Well, mostly it's wandering and dawdling and chasing things, but I can always stand a refresher lesson on the fact that the destination is not the point. My kids are great at teaching me that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun hike. There's a homeschool hiking club that goes up in the mountains every Thursday. I should start going, it's starting to get really hot down here on the valley floor.

Michal said...

that looks like a great hike! how fun.

Jen said...

What a great place~! That looks like every kid's dream!