Monday, June 23, 2008

Meeting the neighbors.

Today was such a beautiful day. We went out early this morning on a bike ride. Our goal or plan was the reach a park that is about 6 blocks away, swing and climb for about half an hour and then bike back home before it got too hot. The way to the park passes a house where we often stop to look at the flowers. Sophie remembers this spot was where we got a really good look at tulips earlier this Spring. Well today when we were passing the lady of the house just happened to be out watering her flowers so we stopped to talk to her. These walks have been great opportunities to meet and talk to our neighbors.

She told us all about the different flowers in her little bed near the street. We have noticed the Hollyhocks many times when we drive down this street. I didn't know what the name of them were until now. There were a whole assortment of colors. And they grew so tall.

She also showed the kids the snap dragons and taught them how to make the dragon mouth open and shut.
Each of the kids gave it a try and even Henry was able to make the dragons snap. I don't think they will ever be able to see a snap dragon now without remembering to give it a light pinch to pop that dragons mouth open.

This neighbor was so nice to us. We stayed there a long time admiring all the different flowers she had planted. She even offered to let the kids pick some of her cherries.

After picking a few, and eating a few we left with a small bag filled with bing cherries. YUM!

This little guy sure looks like he liked them! I think each of the kids ended up with the cherry juice all over their faces and staining their clothes.

We did eventually make it to the park and we played for a bit. On the bike ride home I noticed some flowers down a side street and we had to go and look at them.
Morning Glories, lots of them.

I don't know if you can see it well but behind Sophie in the below picture is a picket fence that lines the yard of a house. The fence is covered with vines and vines of Morning Glories. And those blue flowers were our in their full glory today.

It was a very nice trip to the park and we all had a great time.
It never did really get too hot today. We could have stayed at the park longer. If only all Summer days were like today!

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Michal said...

it sounds positively idyllic. cherries, snapdragons, and a not too hot ride to the park? perfect.