Friday, March 28, 2008

Preschool ramblings.

When Sophie was 4 I started doing Five in a Row with her. I was pretty good about doing a new book each week and we even did lapbooks for many of them. Ian is now 4 years old and I keep thinking I need to give him more. I have had a hard enough time keeping up with History, Science, Music, Art, Math and so forth with Sophie that it is hard to fit in FIAR too. Plus I run out of hold requests each week as it is. (The library only lets me put 10 books on hold at a time. So either I have to go to the library more then once a week or I need to get a few more library cards.) When I was really good about doing FIAR I would plan at least 2 weeks ahead and get a bunch of books from the library as go alongs. I just can't seem to do it along with trying to stay 2 weeks ahead with history and Science as well.
One of Ian's Lego creations

Ian does sit in on most of the reading I am doing with Sophie. He sits and plays legos or knights while we read aloud or listen to stories on CD. I know he is learning but it isn't stuff that is just for him. He is starting to show more interest in doing school. Which is why I am thinking more about this. Yesterday he sat down with us at the table and grabbed his PreK workbook and worked on some of the pages in it. I was helping Sophie work through some math problems. Ian decided to do a page of cutting. So I got him a pair of scissors and tore the page out of the book for him. He sat there working on his cutting for a while.
He did a great job cutting and then I gave him a glue stick so he could put the pieces together. When he was finished he proceeded to do another page where they had him color in shapes. After doing this one he said he was finished and left the table to go back to his knights which he had scattered about on the floor. He doesn't show a lot of desire to learn to read yet but he does love to do a little school like this once in awhile.
I really shouldn't worry about trying to fit FIAR in too much. (I still want to do it though, and will try to fit it in once in awhile. I know the kids have loved it when we have.) I know Ian is learning new things everyday as he listens to lots of books and stories. He goes on nature walks with us and is learning to look closely at nature. I guess the younger kids learn a lot just from following along with what the older kids are doing.
It is so mind boggling to me to think that kids Henry's age are going to be starting Preschool in the Fall. We have friends that are signing there 3 or almost 3 year olds up for programs that will start in August. That just seems so strange to me. Henry going to school? He too loves to read books and participate in things but I really don't see him doing anything formal for a long, long time. I am sure it will be sooner than I think.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I am using FIAR for the first time with my 5 year old and I LOVE it. If you want I could email you some of the stuff we have done to help you out.

It is hard when you start haveing to teach the same subjects but for different grades. I'm sure, though that he is taking in a lot of what he hears while he is playing with his knights.

Tammy said...

It does get hard to juggle everything when you have multiple children learning and they are on different levels. YIKES!

At least when one or a few of them get a little older, they can help out with the younger ones a bit. Emily and Kayla have to (it's part of their schoolwork) listen to Kayla read a bit each day so that I can get everything done that needs to be done.

We also did the multiple library cards. ha ha. We have 6 cards which kind of irritates the librarians.

I love the picture with the dandelion! :)

Anonymous said...

I could practically have written this post! We started FIAR at age 4 too, and now I feel like I want to do it with C, but boy is it hard to fit it in with all the 1st grade stuff! I'm trying though because C loves to have something that's just for him. He listens in on all the science and history too, but he loves the time we spend on FIAR together.

And I cannot imagine D going away to preschool either. But he sometimes asks to do things with us, and is learning that learning is fun--which at age 3 I think is fabulous. He picks up on what his older brothers do too.