Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lost First

Molly lost her first tooth a few days ago. That tooth was loose for weeks but she wouldn't let me even touch it. It was hanging from a thred for a long time. I served corn on the cob for dinner and finally that tooth had held on long enough and decided it was time. 

I could tell Molly is my fourth child because my first inclination was to just keep washing the dishes and congratulate her from the soapy suds of the sink. Then I thought.... didn't I snap pictures of the other kids when they lost teeth? I dried off my hands and ran upstairs to get the camera so I could document this once in a lifetime event for Molly. There is only one first lost tooth and I didn't want her to one day feel deprived that I didn't mark down this event for her. She lost this tooth on March 3, 2015 at about 6:30 at night while eatting corn on the cob. I can't remember what else we had for dinner but the corn was the best part anyway.

It being almost a week after the fact I almost forgot which day she lost the tooth last week. But then I noticed what she was wearing and lucky for me she is wearing her leotard she wears to dance class which happens to be on Tuesday afternoons. So it is totally worth it to take photos to document momentious occations.  Now that she is loosing teeth I guess I need to start taking her to the dentist. I don't think I took the camera to my older kids' first cleaning at the dentist so I won't feel like I need to take my camera to snap pictures just so I am even/fair/balanced with all my kids.

I try to tell my kids all the time that there is never going to be equality in the sence that each kid will get the exact same treatment, documentation, opportunities etc in life. Each kid is growing up with slightly different circumstances and with very different personalities all around them. We are not going to be able to do everything exactly the same for each child because each child has a different set of variables that determine what happens or doesn't happen. I try to be fair and hope none of my kids are ruined by my lack of consistency. It gets a whole lot more difficult to be and do the same with each additional child. It is always going to be a different experience for them and for me.

Poor Molly doens't even get to experience putting her tooth under her pillow and waiting until morning to see if the tooth fairy came and left her something.  She already knows that the toothfairy has made a deal with this family and does direct deposit into their bank accounts. She kept forgetting to come back when Sophie and Ian were loosing teeth every couple of weeks. She set up the deal back then and isn't going to change the deal now, even for a first lost tooth.

Poor Molly! It is hard being the youngest.

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