Thursday, March 26, 2015

French Hood

 Sophie had a project due this week that required a bit of sewing. She is studying the Renaissance and needed to research some fashion from the era.  After doing a bit of study on the subject we decided to make a French Hood.

We went to the store and bought some supplies and got to work.
Here is Soph sewing on some of the beads to decorate.  Molly of course was very interested and luckily we had fabric and such enough to make her one as well.

 They turned out rather cute.

 Sophie loved it. Her cap is a bit larger/taller than the one we made Molly.
 Here is Molly all ready to go to a Princess Birthday party wearing her green princess dress and her new French Hood.

I think Sophie now desires a Renaissance dress to go along with her French Hood.  But the girls all think these are a great addition to the dress up clothes

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Bibliophile said...

The French hoods are beautiful! Where did you get the directions to make them? What a great idea for a Renaissance project. The girls look like they came right out of the court of Henry VIII!