Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pi Day

 I am not the most crafty mom and certainly don't get too cute or creative with holidays. But for Pi Day this year (Yes I know it was two weeks ago. I just finally got around to posting pictures. I forgot about it until I saw them in my iphoto library) I made 3 pies and had enough chocolate pudding left over to make the bit extra to make it a complete 3.14.

I asked the kids what kind of pie I should make. Henry wanted Pumpkin. But it just didn't sound good in the Spring. I figured he would get his favorite pie when Autumn comes around again. Sophie and Ian both wanted Lemon Meringue.  That sounded yummy so I made one of those. My husband wanted chocolate and since I had never made one before I decided that would be one to try. I tried Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Pie Recipe. It was fabulous!

We had enough pie to share so enjoyed pie with friends that night.  Having a somewhat good reason to roll out pie crust is about the only way I ever get myself motivated enough to do it. So I will celebrate Pi day each March if for no other reason but to try out some new pie recipes and enjoy a dessert I rarely make.

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