Saturday, February 21, 2015

Molly's Russian Lapbook

Since we were reading about and studying the Russian Revolution with the boys for history I figured Molly would like to learn about Russia and do some school work related to Russia.

 We learned about onion domes.

 Colored pictures of kids in traditional clothes

I found a great map of Russia to color.

We talked about the looked at pictures of Fabrege eggs.

We read as many Baba Yaga picture books as we could find at the library.

This is the inside of the book about Baba Yaga. Sorry it is sideways. Molly wrote "Baba Yaga means grandma witch. She lives in the forest and her house has chicken feet".

 Matroyskas were her favorite things to color, cut out and glue into her lapbook.

 She liked it so much she had to color and cut out even more and more.

It is a good thing I have a Matroyska that sits on our shelf all the time. My parents brought her back from St. Petersburg when they went there years ago as one of the stops on their Baltic cruise.

She liked doing this lapbook so much I think we are going to have to do another one soon.

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