Friday, March 20, 2015

First day of Spring

 Just in time for Spring Sophie finally went and picked out her new bike. Way back in November she won a bike from a raffle at her Orthodontists. We don't make it into the city very often and things have been busy so we never got around to going to pick up the bike. There was also the problem of getting it home. But we borrowed a bike rack from family and finally headed out to the city.

Henry trying out the bike rack to make sure it would hold the weight of a bike.

 Sophie picked out a purple bike. She also got a new helmet to go with it.

Today we headed out on a bike ride to give a good trial run.

Molly has to ride the boys old bike because her pink bike's tires are acting funny.  She didn't seem to mind as long as the training wheels were attached.

We cycled around the park for awhile enjoying the lovely Spring Weather. It may be the first day of Spring but we have been having Spring bursting out all around us for weeks.

 We spent a good part of our day outside today. After our bike ride we were invited meet a few other families at the park for a "park day".  Hours of climbing, running, shooting, scooting, and fooling around with friends.

It was a great way to start off Spring and a fun way to pass a Friday afternoon.

We did squeeze in some school too. The kids all did an assignment of Math too.

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