Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Cultural Experience

It is midterms this week for Sophia and her midterm for her Humanities class was to attend a cultural event.  It just so happens that the Celtic Fair fell on midterms week so we decided that would be the cultural event/experience she would use for her assignment.

 The girls decided to wear their Merida gowns. Sophie and her cousin have beautiful "dress-up" gowns that their Grandma made for them.  Molly and her cousin have matching green princess dresses so they too had to wear them for this event.
 The fire breathing dragon was remembered from past years when we have attended this event and the kids all had to have a picture taken with it.
 The Joust was the first show we made our way too. Everyone enjoys seeing the knights ride around on horses in full suits of armor and try to knock each other. They also did other feats of skill like lance rings dangling from a pole and slice cabbages with their swords that are tossed up for them. Not an easy thing to do while riding at full speed across the area.
 Sophie was given a red carnation from the blue knight. He was handing out flowers to a few lucky ladies and Sophie ran down to get one. She was so excited to be singled out for a flower.
 These two girls had a great time watching the joust.
 So much fun to cheer on the knights.
 Hurray! the blue knight won.  (I think he cheated a little but how can you really cheat when the whole thing is staged!?)
 We walked through the different tents of the villiage.
 This man claims to have slain Mordu.
 Fired a few beans with catapults.
 Built castles with blocks.
 Tried on some chainmail armor.

 Lots of different types of helmets.
 Even some gauntlets for Henry to try on.
 They all tried out the bow.
 Carded some wool
 Watched a fire eatting juggler.
 There girls each picked out a pink butterfly barrett to take home.
 Sophie picked out a beautiful purple head dress that looked perfect with her purple gown.

 The boys were put into the stocks.
 And we finished off our day visiting the queen and her court.

This was supposed to be a Celtic Fair but it felt more like a Medieval fair. Most of the exhibits had nothing to do with scotland or Ireland. There were even some vikings there showing off their culture. And there was one group of people dressed up as fairys showing off exotic bugs. A bit of a mishmash of different things.  I guess they are all related to the celts. I was just expecting a bit more Bagpipes and scottish dancing.  

We did catch the end of one dance performance where they showed off a few scottish dances to the sounds of bagpipes but that was about the only 10 minutes of this event that really felt celtic.  The kids all seemed to agree that this year was fun but not quite as good as when we came the year before.

It was an experience for me because I was the only adult that went with this group of kids. I had to keep track of all 8 and sometimes 9 of them (a friend tagged along with our group too). 

Fun day, lots of sunshine and fresh air. Those are always good thing!

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