Friday, March 27, 2015

The New Favorite.

This is my kids new favorite game. It has been in the game closet for years and years. I have been pulling out games to take with us to play during piano lessons.  Since each kid has a half hour lesson we are there for two hours. I sit and play games with the other kids while they wait for their turn with the piano teacher.  So for two hours straight yesterday I played Authors. I had brought along a few other card games.

 Go fish for Art was played once but they quickly asked to go back to Authors.

and Phase 10 were not big enough draws. We had played 2 hours of phase 10 the week before so I thought surely they would want to play that again. We never did make it through all 10 phases.

Nothing else but Authors would do.

I love it that my kids are at least acquainted with these authors. They may not have read many of the books listed on these cards but we have discussions about which ones I have read (unfortunately I have haven't read all that many). They ask questions about what the books are about. I wish I was more help here too. I guess if my kids continue to love this game I will have to start finding copies of these books by authors I haven't read yet so I can answer questions as they come up. Mostly we are just getting to know Authors names and what they wrote but hopefully it will lead to some more reading in all our futures.

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Bibliophile said...

I loved Authors when I was a kid. I can remember authors' names and books because I played the game so often with my sister, brothers and mother. It's a great game!