Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reading, Watching and Visiting

 Our latest read aloud was the book Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham.  I started it because it takes place in the time period we are studying for history but also because it is a great "boy book" (my two boys are my main read aloud audience lately) and teaches so many great things. We had great discussions about "sailing by ash breeze" or being "becalmed". Nat Bowditch is alos a great leader and we discussed the qualities that made him such a great teacher as well as a great learner.  I love that Molly, who never appears to be paying much attention while I read, will use terms from the books we are reading. She has been saying "Carry on. Mr. Bowditch" here and there each day.  She does listen a little!

This is a great book for kids to read. Very inspiring how Nat can take very humble, ugly circumstances and make the most of it.

When we finish a book we often try to find a movie version to go along with it. But there isn't a Carry on, Mr. Bowditch movie so instead I had them watch an eppisode of Horatio Hornblower. I figured it takes place at about the same time period but it it British and not American.  At least it would give them a taste of what life on board a ship would be like at that time.  The boys were thrilled by the first episode of this series and wanted to watch the next one. It is a little more violent and brutal than I usually let them watch so I don't know how much farther into the series we will go just now. It is a great series and we have all of them on DVD sitting on our shelf so it is only a matter of time. We will see if they continue their interest.

It just so happens that a nearby city was hosting two 18th century tall ships.  This was perfect timing to go along with our reading! (Funny how moms always know which books to pick to go along with cool outings or is it the other way round? Cool outings to go with great books?)

 We told our cousins and Grandma about the ships and they decided to come along too.
 Look at all those ropes. It is amazing how many ropes there are on these boats. The sailor on board said he could tell you exactly what each one was for and even what they were called.
 Here is Grandma, Sophie and her cousin  at the wheel of one of the ships.
 I told the kids to look for Nathanial Bowditch's book The New American Practical Navigator while visiting the captains quarters. Sure enough they spotted it on his shelf of books! Still in use on ships today.
 Now the little girls are taking the wheel.

 Everyone had a great time!
 The wind was blowing. It is nice to have a break from the storms this week. But I sure hope the storms continue for a little longer.
Saliors on board told us a little about the ships and what it too to sail them.
 Just to prove I was there I had to take a selfie of me and my neice leaving the ship.  I am always the photographer. I need to learn not to squint when I take pictures of myself.

 I think that field trip will help them always remember or at least appreciate what the sailors of that time lived with and on.
Since there were two ships they were going to put on a little sea battle. We didn't stay for that part of the show (They wanted a lot of money for that 3 hour tour). This was enough for us! We had a great time.


Ian O said...

why am i not in any pics

Ian O said...

i was there but i am not in any pics.