Thursday, March 6, 2014


Wednesday is dollar day at the bowling alley so I decided we needed to do some p.e. there yesterday. Before heading to the alley we went over the rules and such of bowling. We play the Wii bowling game pretty often so we knew many of the terms but needed to officially go over the rules and ediquette of the game. We took some time to really learn how to score a game even though the computer always just marks the frames for us.  I had never understood how the score is determined when you get a strike or a spare. I now know!

 Molly tossed, rolled and pushed her ball down the alley each and every frame of the two games. Her ball would go so slowly some times we were amazed it even made it down to the pins.

 It is nice to bowl with the bumpers up because that was the only reason most of the balls made it down to the pins. I think Henry was the big winner on how many times his ball can bounce off bumpers on its way down to the other end.  I think he had one pass where the ball bounced 4 times off the bumpers and then hit the pins in just the right place to get a strike.

Ian had great ball handling and seemed to use a great stance and even gave the ball a lot of power down the lane. For some reason his ball would constantly curve and end up hitting only one or two pins each frame. His score was not the highest. In fact during one of the games Molly scored more points than Ian. He wasn't discouraged. He was just there having a good time.

Sophie really could care less about form or speed. She walked up to the line and swung her arm back and forth and would toss the ball down lane. I tried to get her to bend down a little lower and roll it more but she did it her way and surprisingly she did alright. Her scores were pretty good.

After bowling two games my kids were tired. They all complained about their bowling arm being a bit sore. But when we got in the car they asked if they could do it again next week.  I guess they enjoyed it! And better yet the boys are excited that today experience was enough to earn them a cub scout belt loop for bowling. If we play another few games we could even earn the pin to go along with it.

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