Friday, February 28, 2014

Just another Morning

I don't know why it is so hard for me to blog anymore. I guess my life just seems so routine and boring. Nothing exciting to share with the world. We just plug away at our usual school routines and somehow the days fly by.

Sophie has been doing great this year with her online school. Williamsburg Intermediate has been a great fit for her. The Fall semester didn't go too well because she got very behind on assignments because of our move. I was also rather distracted and wasn't able to prod her along.
 This Winter term is going so much better. She is taking all three of the classes and gets all her assignments in on time and even completes the extra credit assignments each month. It was a goal she set for herself since starting in the fall, because she will 13, those assignments won't be extra credit but will be part of the usual line up required projects. She has done some great things the last few months. Perhaps I will devote a whole post to that some other time.

 Ian has discovered the joys of Scratch. He is either building Mindstorms robots or creating games on Scratch. This boy loves writing programs and seeing what happens when he changes a few varriables.  He has also been putting away a lot of groceries and loosing a lot of teeth. He lost three in one week. All canines. I have a feeling he is going to start shooting up and growing even more into a handsome young man and less of a little boy.

This boy is a hard worker. Henry doesn't love paper and pencil class work but he loves yard work. He gets out in the backyard and digs holes for new fruit trees, pull weeds, pushes the lawn mower, or rakes leaves. He has even been up helping clean out rain gutters. (Hurray that we have rain and need those gutters clean!) He loves getting out and doing some hard physical work. He is quite a handy boy to have around.

 This little lady is learning to read. Her reading program may be a bit time consuming and I don't always enjoy the repetition of it's games and such but it is working. She points out sight words when I read her books and I know she is sounding out signs when we drive around town. It won't be long now before she is a confident reading machine.

And then there is Peezy. She is our little mascot. She greets us at the door when we have been gone. She is so fun to watch play with her toys. She has a number of little puff ball toys that she bats about like a soccer ball. She loves to chase strings and jumps and flips when the kids twirls a rope for her pleasure.  She certainly is a fun addition to our home. 

The kids all admit that I am her favorite person. She often follows me about the house and is usually where ever I am. She perfers my side of the bed to take her cat naps on. And is always up early to give my nose a lick when it is time to wake up. 

And then there is me. What am I up to? I read a lot. I keep reading books that I agree to review on NetGalley. Most of these are light fiction so not very challenging but they are a fun escape from the noise and business of being a mom, teacher, taxi driver, etc. 

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