Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Personal Progress - Individual Worth #5

In the fourth grade I decided to learn to play the flute. My parents bought me a used flute and I joined the elementary school band. I learned to play the flute. I played through eighth grade and even tried out for and was part of the county honor band my eighth grade year.

 In High school there were to many flutes and some of us decided to switch from our woodwind to a brass instrument because there were far fewer of them. I played the euphonium the last three years of High school it was a very fun instrument to play. I enjoyed getting to play very different parts than what a flute usually gets to play. It was a little bit heavier than my flute so playing in half time shows and in parades was a little more fun. Plus lugging that big case home wasn't easy so practice didn't happen all that often.

I went to college and thought it would be fun to play in the band but I wasn't a music major and the idea of trying out just didn't suit me. I didn't pick up my flute for years and didn't own my own euphonium so my music playing days were pretty limited.

About 5 years ago a friend of mine found out I played the flute in my younger years and invited me to play in the community band of which she was a member.  I decided it sounded like fun. A night out learning something new and getting to listen and play music. It was a lot of fun.

 When we moved a few months ago I was sad to leave my weekly band practice and the friends I had made being a part of the community band. I looked online to see if our new city had a band and sure enough it does. In fact the kids new piano teacher is a clarinet player in the community band. In January I started to come to practices.  It felt much like my former community band. It is a little smaller but so is the town I live in. We play much the same types of music and I am just as limited in my abilities as I was before. I consider it an accomplishment when I am able to make it through a piece and not get lost.

We had a concert on Monday night. My kids and husband came to hear us play. The piano teacher gave them two days off of practice this week for attending. We played some lovely pieces. A suite by Gustav Holst was my particular favorite. We also played selections from the musical The Music Man and a tribute to Louis Armstrong which was what my kids especially liked.

I try not to compare my playing abilities to the others in the band. The high school student who sits next to me can sight read everything and have it sound great. My goal is only to enjoy playing the music and be able to play more or better than I did the week before.  It is a lot of fun for me to perform with the band. It was something I enjoyed doing in my younger years and it still makes me feel good when I am able to play something I couldn't play before.

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