Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blue and Gold means cakes

I remember when I was a little girl my brother making cake for The Blue and Gold dinner. He got to decorate it himself.  It must be something every little boy (and girl for tha matter) wants to try.

 My boys were really excited when they were told they would need to bring a cake to the dinner. We were told we only needed one cake per family but each boy wanted to decorate their own. I had thought to just make one cake but divide the batter between two pans but Henry wanted a vanilla cake and Ian wanted chocolate. I ended up helping them each make their own cake.

I was a little surprised Henry wanted to put borders on his cake. But he actually did a pretty good job making little stars or flowers all along the bottom edge.

 And then along the top edges he put another bunch of little stars.
 He wanted to write on the top so  I had him first trace the letters into the icing with a toothpick and then follow his marks with the yellow icing.

 It turned out great!

Then on to Ian's chocolate cake.
 His chocolate icing ending up slightly grey because I threw in a bunch of blue frosting from Henry's cake because my powdered sugar supply was depleted.  He didn't seem to care and just thought it looked a bit like mud.

 He too put a few little stars or pressed blobs of blue along the bottom edge of his cake.

 He wasn't nearly as careful and neat about his work but he sure had fun.

 He also gave writing a try. He didn't wait to use the toothpick to prewrite the letters so his ended up a little more free.

He was quite proud of his work.

 So while the boys were having a grand time decorating the girls were busy watching and waiting until they could take a few tastes of the left over frosting. The chocolate frosting tasted great on animal crackers.

 But after all that sugar they wanted some salty snack too. So pretzels were brought out.

Here are their finished cakes on the table at the Blue and Gold dinner. There was plenty of cakes at the event and even though everyone had a sample of several different cakes. We still ended up bringing a lot of cake home.  We may be eatting it for a few days.

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