Sunday, March 9, 2014

Celebrating our Heritage at the Celtic Faire

On Friday we took a field trip. There was a Celtic Faire going on and we thought it sounded like a great thing to do with our cousins. So we went to learn and experience all things British, Irish, Scottish and even some Viking. That is where our ancestry come from. We have many Scotts, British, Irish and even Welch in our family tree. 

 There were certainly a lot of people dressed up in Medieval dress. There were even a few dragons breathing fire.
 What would a Celtic faire without some background bagpipes.  This many had a whole workshop about the pipes and explained a whole lot about how they work. I had no idea there were so many reeds involved!

We also heard an Irish band play some folk songs and watch some dancers do some scottish jigs. Somehow I missed taking pictures of them. I guess I was too interested in the dancing.

 I think the highlight for the kids was the Joust.

 These knights had a hard time fighting through all the mud. Evidently the bit of rain we recieved this week wrecked havic for these poor horses.
 Here is the queen and her court. I thought she was supposed to be Mary Queen of Scots but now looking at the pictures and seeing the lady with the red hair I guess it is supposed to be Queen Elizabeth I.
 The kids each took turns putting eachother in the stocks.
 I was surprised by how many hands on type booths there were. There were chances to try on chainmail and armor.

 That is almost 60 pounds of chain mail Sophie has on.
 There was a guy walking around with a black bear skin and the girls all called him Furgus and the bear was Mordu.
 Here is Ian in some Viking armor. It was made of leather.
 Henry found some horns.

 This lady was weaving on this tiny loom. She was making trim for her dress.
 The kids loved getting to handle all the different types of weapons at each of the different booths.
 And we finished off the day having some traditional Fish and Chips for lunch.
It was a fun trip to the faire.  The kids all think they need kilts or cloaks so they can dress up for next years trip to the Celtic Faire.

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