Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fairy Houses in the Spring.

 About a week ago we went to the park. Sophie needed to gather some "nature" inorder to create a piece of nature art for one of her classes. Our neighborhood is rather manicured and not much in the way of nature debris is left hanging around.  So we had to really search for some twigs and leaves for this assignment.

Rather than take the items home, Sophie decided to get to work right there at the park. She started stacking up the twigs into a fairy house.

It was amazing how quickly a few other kids noticed what she was doing and started gathering twigs and things to build a house of their own.

Henry of course climbed up into the trees. 

 It may not look like much more than a stack of twigs with some leaves thrown on top for a roof but there was a lot of work that went into building this little structure.

 And no house is complete without a little fenced in garden.

 For days after the kids asked if we could go back to the park to see if the house was still there. Or they asked if they could go back to the park to build more fairy houses.
 My kids go to the park to play with twigs. They will spend a short amount of time on the play structures but mostly they like to play with the nature around them.

Today it is raining, the sun isn't shining so it is nice to sit here are remember the fun they kids had out in the beautiful Spring like weather. I couldn't help smiling yesterday as I drove down our road that is lined with tall trees. For the 4 months we have lived here these trees have been brown and ugly. Now they are green and full of leaves. It is so lovely to see all the green. The hills, the trees and the flowers all make me smile. I so appreciate the spring rains we are recieving because it is making the world such a beautiful place. Nothing more lovely than they the colors of nature in the spring! I may amend that statement when the colors of Fall show up in about 6 months. For now I am thrilled to enjoy the Spring.

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