Thursday, December 8, 2011

Test Results

I met with my Educational Specialist today.  This is one of the necessary parts of joining a Charter School.  I have to report on our studies and turn in samples of their work each month. At the beginning of the school year the kids each took a test to determine a level to base progress against.  My ES brought the results of those tests with her today.

Since my kids have never gotten report cards and have never taken any tests like this before it was sort of nice to see that they are doing just fine.

Henry is reading, writing and doing mathematics at about a 1.9 grade level. Which means he tested at the first grade, ninth month average. So he is right on target as far as age and abilities. Since reading is still a struggle with him (Those front two teeth are still holding strong! Those are the reading teeth as my Sister-in-law, who was a school teacher before having her own children,  explained to me once.)  We will see if reading finally clicks for him in the next little while. He reads but very slowly and he has to really work at it still. So it was nice to hear he is still right on target as far as academics.

Ian was excited to learn that despite being a 2nd grader he is reading at a 4.8 grade level and scored 4.1 in math.  I don't know exactly how they measure these things but evidently he is doing great.

Sophie's number were impressive as well. She scored a 6.2 in math and 9.9 in reading. 

Now these scores don't really mean a whole lot. I don't post them here to brag.  I know they aren't a measure of how smart my kids are or guarantee that they will do well in the future.  It doesn't even tell me that I am a great teacher.  I know my kids are learning and I have been happy with what they have been able to do thus far.  I never felt the need to test them before this but since the school insists on it, and if we want to have access to the funds the school provides,  we have to comply.   More than anything it is a relief to know my kids can take tests and do well at them. 

Now we await to see what the school says about Ian and Sophie's required writing assessment and when I mentioned to the kids that they have to take a scantron test in the spring they didn't know what I was talking about. They knew they needed to take a test but scantron was a new word to them.  So the testing continues.   And for kids who have never taken a real test in their lives I am just happy to see they can come through with flying colors.

 This first assessment was given to them via a computer. I wonder if it will make a difference. Perhaps I need to teach them how to fill in bubbles with a #2 pencil.

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Flem said...

I agree with your points and also agree it is nice to have a sense of where they are.

If we used tests like this--to determine where students are and what they need next--it would be a wonderful system.