Monday, December 19, 2011

Evaluating the Wii

 It has been almost a year since we bought our family a Wii.  I am still sitting the fence on how much I like it.  There are good things about having a game system in the house and there are also some aspects that I don't always appreciate.

I personally love to use the Wii Fit and I admit I am a pretty good skate boarder and all those years in marching band have paid off because I can't be beat at the Rhythm Parade. I am however horrible at the Soccer heading and juggling.  My husband and I, after the kids go to bed have been known to have a little bowling tournament or we pass a few levels of Lego Harry Potter or Lego Indiana Jones. My goodness can time fly while you are lost in the world of video games!

Here is Sophie doing the Kung Fu game with the Wii Fit. Aren't our Mii characters cute!
Sophie actually don't really enjoy playing the Wii all that much. She will take her turn on Wii Fit and she has her Daring Game for Girls but she isn't interested in the Lego games or even the sports.  She prefers games like Civilization on the computer.

The boys, at times, live and breath wii games. They talk about, draw pictures about and even dream about their wii games.  They have been known to even pray for help to figure out how to pass a certain level.  I can usually tell when they have had too much Wii time.

We have tried to keep the time on the Wii to only an hour on Saturdays and once in awhile during other days. But for some reason the boys seem to think that any time Mom has band practice or a meeting to go to at night that means they get to play Wii.  I need to break them of this idea but then when Mom is away the mice to play.

So for now the Wii is staying. We have a handful of games and sometimes even try a new one that we find at the library. The boys are each getting  a new game for Christmas. One is an active game that even requires the use of a mat the other is a creative game. We will see how things go. When all I hear about from the boys is their latest strategy to pass the next obstacle in Indi I start to threaten them with a Wii fast. It is sort of scary to see how much power these games have over my boys especially.  They can fly through their chores each Saturday so they can get to their hour of play. 

So, yes, I have a sort of Love/Hate relationship with the Wii. I do enjoy playing the games occasionally and I don't mind that my kids play them a little.  I just object to it becoming the sole motivation to get things done or the ultimate reward.

Everything is a constant work in progress. We will continue to see how it goes.

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Malissa said...

Sounds like your famiy has fun with the Wii! Ours broke a few months ago- I can't say I'm sad about it.